Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wendy Lau: Imagine Cup 2013

Wendy Lau: Imagine Cup 2013: Interested in the Innovation, Games or World Citizenship Competitions?

Imagine Cup 2013

Interested in the Innovation, Games or World Citizenship Competitions? 
March 15 is the last day you can sign up and create a team to compete for over (US)$50,000 and a trip to the worldwide finals in St. Petersburg, Russia. Go to Imagine Cup for more information!

March 15 is also the last day to take the March Brain Games Quiz. Complete 30 questions on World Citizenship, and you will be entered into the grand prize sweepstakes of a trip to the worldwide finals in St. Petersburg, Russia. For March Brain Games Quiz, refer to the following link

Win more money with awards and boosts:

Could your project help empower women to improve their lives, their rights or their futures? If so, enter to win (US)$12,000 from Microsoft and UN Women.

Do you have an innovative Windows Phone application? Apply for the AppCampus Award to be considered for a €50,000 award plus a four-week mobile phone accelerator program.

Earn an extra “boost” of cash! First, second or third place winners who include a Windows 8 Store App in their project will earn an extra (US)$1,000 for their team!*

Use Windows Azure Cloud Services, Websites, Virtual Machines and/or Windows Mobile Services in your project and earn an extra (US)$1,000+ if your team comes in first place.**

Don't miss the chance! Follow me at Twitter (@wendypwlau) for more updates! 
Lastly, good luck to you.

Imagine Cup 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

wendy: 陌生人《5》

wendy: 陌生人《5》





我整理好东西后,缓缓地走到出口处。我瞄了一眼他座位的方向,他不在了。不知道为何,有种失落感涌上心头。拍拍自己的脑袋,要自己别想太多, 便大步的跨出火车往回家的路上走去。


wendy: Running Man Trend

wendy: Running Man Trend: Recently, Running Man been a trend tornado in Macau and Vietnam. Do you dare to do bungee jumping from Macau Tower?

Running Man Trend

Recently, Running Man been a trend tornado in Macau and Vietnam. Do you dare to do bungee jumping from Macau Tower? >__< Respect to Blank Ji Hyo.

Personally, I enjoy watching RM. Hehehe. That's why I been contacted with supplier from South Korea for merchandise related to RM. What a good luck that I have the chance to collaborate and have a hand on the items such as jacket, tee with name tag (I have one with my name on the back with small Ace tag) and etc. Are you excited about them?

Price reflected the quality of products and they are imported from South Korea.

So, if you're Running Man fans, we are welcoming you join us by like us at  [] and Running Man Daebak Corner [] where all the merchandise been displayed. You may order from us too. Just pm us at the and we will come back to you asap.

 Have a look at Running Man Daebak corner, like it & share it if you're RM fans too! Daebak!
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Running Man Cartoon Tee:

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Running Man Cartoon Tee

Sunday, September 16, 2012

MSP@UMP Committee for 2012/2013 batch

Hope you're the one we are looking for MSP@UMP Committee for 2012/2013 batch.

A good committee member:

- Commits to preparing for and attending meetings
- Has a good understanding of the organisation, what it does and how it does it
- Is not afraid to ask questions
- Agrees to stick to the majority decision
- Supports fellow committee members
- Acts as an advocate for the organisation

To work well, committees rely on the following:

- Members who understand their responsibilities and role
- Having the right mixture of skills, abilities and experience around the table
- Commitment to the role and the aims and objectives of the group
- Having a sense of purpose which translates into leadership
- An understanding of the boundaries between overall direction and day-to-day management (for groups with staff)

The President of an organisation has three main elements to his/her remit as follows:

- Assisting with the managerial direction of the group
- Planning and running meetings
- Acting as spokesperson/figurehead

As Vice President will be the person who assists President on the group's activities. If President is not around or not available, Vice President will help out as temporary President.

The Secretary I's and Secretary II's main responsibilities are:

- Supporting the administration of the group
- Facilitating and supporting committee meetings

The Treasurer also has three main areas of responsibility:

- Keeping an overview of the finances of the group
- Reporting into committee meetings
- Making sure the group has the right financial policies and procedures in place for budget

The Logistic Unit which consists of 5 persons collaborate with the group for spreading out the activities on the hands to the students that related. They will arrange the tasks within the activity coverage areas as well as the related trainers/ speakers to make sure the event run smoothly.

Closing Date for the application: before/ on 19/09/2012 (Wednesday) 12pm.
Voting Date: 21/09/2012 (Friday) until 11.59pm
Apply now at